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missyadira asked: Dear Vergo ... ouhm Papa ... , I'm a new daughter of Mama Doflamingo and she said 'go say hi to him!' - And she said 'Just remember to always call him papa. Always.' - So: Hi Papa!

It’s Vergo-SAN… Papa-SAN, you little brat.

I didn’t know that i have got a child… hm.

askmdluffy asked: Did you eat pizza for lunch? Can I have some??:D

No and no.

lil-hero-yana asked: Ehhhm Vergo.... you have still... eehm, you have my.. underwear on your face!!

No. It’s Doflamingos.

askmissgoldenweek asked: What happens if you eat watermelon?


Anonymous asked: YOU ALIVE OLD MAN

No. I’m dead. You see?

… But I was awesome.